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This brand new multi-service facility has everything from primary care and specialists to advanced imaging and therapy!


  • New multi-specialty medical complex
  • Access to an array of primary and specialty care physicians
  • Access to high quality care and academic medicine
  • Total care under one roof
  • Easy access to the west side and surrounding communities
  • Community location with free and ample parking, patient friendly experience, easy and convenient access
  • Located at Township 5, with access to dining, retail and entertainment

What is Upstate University Medicine

Upstate University Medicine is a medical facility operated by the Faculty Practice Plan of SUNY Upstate Medical University, called Upstate University Medical Associates @ Syracuse, Inc.

At Upstate University Medicine, you are provided and billed for medical services by one of thirteen faculty practices providing services in this location and affiliated with SUNY Upstate, for example Upstate Orthopedics, Upstate Urology or University Radiology Associates. This model of care allows us to provide access to an array of specialties and high-quality, academic medicine to the west-side and western communities of Syracuse.





    ​Mon - Fri

    ​8:00 AM – 4:30 PM