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University Radiology Associates

University Radiology will be offering a full range of imaging services at the site at Township 5.  These services include 3T MR, CT, Ultrasound, and Digital X-ray exams.  Our equipment employs cutting edge technology to provide Exceptional images.  All of our physicians and technologist are highly skilled and experienced.


SIEMENS MAGNETOM Vida MRI is the first BioMatrix MRI system and the latest SIEMENS 3T Open Bore system.  BioMatrix is a revolutionary new technology, evolving from Tim (Total imaging matrix), and it consists of three unique technologies - BioMatrix Sensors, BioMatrix Tuners, and BioMatrix Interfaces. This technology provides high consistency by adapting to individual patient characteristics.

SIEMENS SOMATOM Edge Plus CT has the world's first 3D camera integrated in a CT. It scans all patients at the appropriate dose and reproducible precision based on fine-tuned automation, combined with exceptional power reserves and speed.  The system enables richer and more accurate information with technologies that bring tin-filtered scanning, 4D, and quantitative imaging to your clinical routine

SIEMENS MULTIX FUSION MAX X-Ray enables high quality digital radiography imaging with state-of-the-art detector technology.





    ​Mon - Fri

    ​8:00 AM – 4:30 PM